An app for the Rabid Television Fan

Platypus TV is an app for the rabid fan. It's a social platform for the Whovians, Trekkies, for Starks of Winterfell, for the Soup Nazis, anyone whose earned a Dundie Award, STEVE HOLT, and for those that know you have to go back to the island. Platypus provides a place for you to talk about your favorite TV shows. Just tell the app what show you're watching, and your comments will be time-synced along side with the episode so that when your friends watch the show they see how witty you are without having things spoiled for them (and ending your friendship). So, save your friendship (and the cheerleader) and help us make this the best app possible by giving us feedback and/or funding our indie gogo campaign.


Tired of twitter and facebook comments lowering the IQ of your entire street? With comments time-synced to the episode, you'll be able to avoid spoilers AND still talk about your favorite shows.


Use Platypus for ANY show at ANY time, ANYwhere. It doesn't matter who you watch it with or what you watch it on, Platypus TV is your place to talk about TV.


If you don't like what they're saying then change the conversation. There will be both a community feed where you can find like-minded fans to talk to and a My Network feed for you and your friends.


Here are some screens that we think are pretty shiny. These are what we are planning the first iteration of the app to look like


What we'd love to have

We see a lot of potential ways to go with Platypus, but ultimately we'd shape a product based on the feedback of our users (that's you!) So please give us feedback on all these things!

Forums: The forum system would be a way to let people continue to have conversations after their show ended especially conversations that aren't time relevant to the show.

Community: This isn't a democracy anymore... well actually we would love it if it were. We want to take a step back and let our fan communities moderate themselves. Top contributors could be appointed leaders and things like achievement designs, flagging comments, and adding future episodes could all be community generated.

Gamification: I think this has been a buzzword that a lot of apps have been haphazardly been using. Gamification shouldn't take over an app and be it's only appeal, but it should supplement the community aspects of the app and could add a layer of excitement to stylize profiles.



Over the past 2 years we've had oodles of question thrown at us and here are some of the most common ones we get.

  • What happens when there is a commercial?

    Unfortunately the app will only be manually synced at first so commercials are definitely going to be annoying for users. For that reason we are specifically targetting Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO go and shows that have already aired because there is less likely to be a break in viewing.

  • Who uses their phones while they watch TV?

    75% of TV viewers use a second screen already whether they are texting, tweeting or candy crushing. This question has become more or less like a cow's opinion. It doesn't matter, it's just moo.

  • What if no one is talking about the show I like?

    We are specifically looking for rabid fans who are excited enough about social television that they want to be the first on our app and to start the conversation off then get their friends on to talk about things.

  • What's with the name Platypus TV?

    The name came organically out of the fact that we wanted a platform that combined the parts of many features (time-synced conversation, forums, community system) that already exist kind of like how a Platypus has a unique combination of features (duck-billed, beaver-tail, egg-laying. venomous spur)

  • What if I'm too hipster and my show isn't on your app?

    Ok, maybe people don’t phrase their question exactly like that but we would LOVE to have every TV show every made on our database eventually. We will try to be as receptive as possible to our community and continuously add requested shows to the database as we grow or better yet come up with a system where the community itself could add their favorite TV shows.



Our app will be absolutely free to download and use and our take on advertising/revenue is one that we find fairly unique.

iTUNES affiliate

An awesome song comes on your show? Straight to your feed you'll see who sings it and get a link that takes you to iTunes where you can Treat. Yo. Self.

Relevant Ads

Is there such a thing as a unobtrustive and helpful ad? We'd love to pair with products that bring you show related merchandise and actually enhance your viewing experience

Stream Pairing

We could see ourselves potentially partnering up with a video streaming provider so that our manually syncing nature became completely automated.


Our facts

87% of people

watch tv shows while using a second screen

$187 billion

spent by the US on TV ads in 2015

over 5 million people

cried during the red wedding

The Team


COO, 8 years of experience driving online engagement for several Syracuse University offices and small businesses.

Favorite Shows

Peep Show, The Office, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Six Feet Under, House of Cards, Deadwood, Always Sunny, The League, Futurama, 30 Rock


CEO, Worked 10 years running fan engagement, media buying and events operations.

Favorite Shows

Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Firefly, Outlander, Shameless, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Psych, 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, Burn Notice


CTO, Graduated from RIT with a degree in Game Design and Development, Connor is the mad scientist of the app.

Favorite Shows

Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Daredevil, X-Files, Doctor Who, Parks and Recreation, The Office

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